The First story

The first story that Mr. Lehrer (Jim) tells, is when he was a little boy in 1946.

In November 1946, Jim went to the McPherson bus station with his father. His father was going to take a coffee break, and his father gave him a nickel to play a pinball game while he (Jim’s father) had his coffee break. So Jim took the nickel to the pinball machine. Just as he inserted it he wished he had not, because he needed to go and if he left someone might take over.

After each game he won, the more urgent he needed to go, while the fear of someone taking over still lingered. After twenty or so games, he just let out a tiny bit out just to keep him out of the misery. But the releasing of his waters felt so good he just had to let it all out. It was about his thirtieth game that he was on, when his father started to come back from his coffee break. So Jim bolted to the restroom and hid until his father came. Then his father came and coached Jim out of the restroom, Jim only bolted to their bus named Betsy for cover, because he was embarrassed.


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