Kourdakov’s Use of Contrasts to Strengthen His Narrative

Mr. Kourdakov’s new deadly, highly paid, and fun job as a special secret police personnel has two sides: private and public. His job is to break up brawling bar fights, capture and torture murderers, wife beaters, and Believers. He and his band of men did not hear the truth about the Believers. So what he and his men got told about the Believers angered them, and they did it for fun just for the money. And one thing about their job is to do whatever they wanted to the Believers, as long as it is not known to the public. But they did not know this before they had beaten up some Believers, stripped some girls naked, and then drove the Believers to the police station, with some of his men running their hands all over the naked girl’s bodies.
In Mr. Kourdakov’s biography he is so descriptive; he describes every little detail so perfectly that I wish that I am that great of a writer (I am not Jealous). One of Kourdakov’s every well done description is on how badly this one female was beaten by one the thugs and a few days later by Kourdakov, and another time when one his men (the first one who had beaten her up) prevented that same female from getting a 3rd beating. And because of that one act from one of his men, he realized that Victor (the thug who had 1st beaten her) was right about that these people, or specifically this one female, had that they or any other Believer did not have. Courage!


Fist Raid: Disaster

The reason why Mr. Kourdakov, and his men, failed their first assignment against the Believers, is because beating up thieves, murders, fighters in bars, wife beaters, etc., is a lot different than beating up random innocent people who obey the law/not breaking any laws. Beating up random innocent people who are not law breakers or not breaking any law is not right, even if someone has the authority to do so. But it is also not right to beat up thieves, murders, fighters in bars, wife beaters, etc., unless they get beaten up in the process in getting arrested, or they caused too much damage that they had to beat up the person (people who are breaking the law). I am encouraging innocent people to defend themselves if they are attacked. I am not saying that the police should not beat up lawbreakers who are causing trouble. It’s the innocent people who get picked on just for fun and are not involved in the law that is violated, that should NOT get beaten up or possibly killed for another person’s crime, unless they volunteered, (not by disease, accident, or suicide but someone killing them, like a person or animal getting shot, stabbed, etc.,). In other words PROTECT the innocent, not the GUILTY.

A Turning Point in My Life

Before we moved here to Canada we were in South Africa. We lived pretty close to one of my mother’s sisters, who we nicknamed Aunty Picky. One time my cousins, siblings, and me were busy having a little assembly/ talent show in our back yard, which had a tree that looked like a giant Pineapple and a hedge along a fence. And in our little assembly, we had each person go up and do their little thing. and one of my cousins sang “I found a walnut”. This was a turning point in my life, because it was one of the only times a could remember seeing them and once my family and I came here we heard stories about them and about 7-8 years later we got a chance to see them again and that was on skype, and that they were the closest family that ever lived close to us (physically and mentally). And I miss them, because of the company they gave us.

I Have Adopted These Program for These Reasons

One of my goals is to save as much money as possible. My reasons for this goal is so that I can buy my clothes, some presents for birthdays and Christmas, and go on a mission, and whatever is left is for me to spend on whatever I want.
Another one of my goals is to get 95% and above in all my subjects. My reason for this goal is so that I can become a better person. Passing off all my Scripture Masteries before Seminary ends is also another goal of mine. My reasons for this goal is so that I can know the Scriptures better, and so that I know where to go in the Scriptures if I ever need help when I am in a trial (not physical like in court, but mental like in personal hard times). The Scriptures are there for anyone who needs help in trials, but the trials help us to become better.

Good Things That Came from Mr. Lehrer’s Heart Attack

Mr. Lehrer was a heavy smoker for 30 years, until his heart attack. He lost the desire to smoke, ate healthy foods, exercised longer for a longer period of time more often, wrote more often, he stopped doing work during his lunch break, traveled more often, collected bus signs, etc,he tried to became a better person by changing for the better, he learnt many things since his heart attack, he saved many lives after once he made a documentary of his heart attack, he enjoyed the joys of being a grandparent, he enjoyed traveling the back roads/ highways. He tried hard to listen and obey the advice of his new doctor.

The First story

The first story that Mr. Lehrer (Jim) tells, is when he was a little boy in 1946.

In November 1946, Jim went to the McPherson bus station with his father. His father was going to take a coffee break, and his father gave him a nickel to play a pinball game while he (Jim’s father) had his coffee break. So Jim took the nickel to the pinball machine. Just as he inserted it he wished he had not, because he needed to go and if he left someone might take over.

After each game he won, the more urgent he needed to go, while the fear of someone taking over still lingered. After twenty or so games, he just let out a tiny bit out just to keep him out of the misery. But the releasing of his waters felt so good he just had to let it all out. It was about his thirtieth game that he was on, when his father started to come back from his coffee break. So Jim bolted to the restroom and hid until his father came. Then his father came and coached Jim out of the restroom, Jim only bolted to their bus named Betsy for cover, because he was embarrassed.

The Reason Why I Should Have My Own Business

Some people say that we should be afraid, very afraid of the robots. Because they are taking our simple jobs away so that we (humans) have more time to do nothing and be idle. That is not good, that is extremely bad. I am not saying that robots are bad, and I am not saying that having robots help us do some of our job(s) is not good; I am saying that it is bad that robots do our job for us. Robots belong in factories that make cars, any electronic gadget, etc., not supermarkets. Robots are like programed slaves/ helpers. But if robots are teachers, that is really bad because, a human has many things that a robot that does not have; for example: we humans have feelings for ourselves and for others, we can understand other humans a lot better than robots can, etc.

Robots are only good for helping do complex and dangerous tasks, but not doing our jobs for us. Owners of business have two choices; 1. To have robots that cost a lot to do the work for them and their employees; or 2. To hire employees that can do a lot more things that a robot cannot do (hiring an employee that can do more than one job/ multi-talented), and get paid as much as a robot costs.