3 Important Stories of My Life


I am mostly remembered as “The helmet Kid”. Because I used to wear a helmet every time I went out for recess, from Grades 2-4. The reason why I wore a helmet during the recess breaks is because my mom was always too worried that I will hit the back of head, which seems pretty stupid. But is the story behind it that you should listen to/ read. I have an older brother (who turns out to be my oldest bro.), and a younger brother (who turns out to be my youngest bro.). And I have an older sister (who turns out to be my oldest sis.), and a younger sister (who turns out to be my youngest sis.).

The Head:2003_0918Image0066
I was 2 almost 3 years old when my younger brother and I were busy jumping on a couch near a window, on the second story out of the three storied house of my cousins in Provo Utah. And the screen somehow popped out. And I fell out of the window, onto concrete. So my parents called the police. The police took me to the Primary Children’s Hospital, in a helicopter. A couple days later my dad gave me a blessing. A few days later, the doctors found something that went from soft to hard, from my head. A few weeks later I left the Hospital. The scar runs from the middle of my head to the middle of my neck.

The Leg:DSCF0416
I was 5 years old, and it was after supper and my younger brother just left to go outside in our back yard. But I was just behind him when the back door closed. And I yelled out “Sarah” and then I kicked the window of the door. My family keeps telling me a different version and said that their version was correct. But I say my version is correct, because I was the one who kicked the window, and I remember it very well. The scar that I have because of that kick is on my right leg behind the knee.

Time to Move:
My family used to live in California before we moved to Canada. And before we came to Canada, I had my head injury. And they (the border personals) would not let us go over the border unless I
got checked up, and approved. So off we went to a specialized personal to do a checkup. So the personal gave me a type of non-electronic game that most 18 year old, personals cannot do. And I did it under the time a regular 18 year old personal can do.

If you have any accidents like that in the pictures I put on. I will be happy to hear/ read the stories of some of your worst accidents. And if you could put a picture of it.

Please do not use these pictures without MY permission!


#1 Task of a Salesman (Week 2 Review) [Business]

The 1st task of a salesman takes about 11-12 steps to complete, according to Harry Browne.

Step: 1. is to introduce your product to the Customer(s); Produce your products to the Customer(s), so that they can decide on if the Customer is interested in your products or not. Step: 2. is to keep asking questions; to see if they (the Customers) are sure if they want it or not. Keep asking questions; to see if they (the Customers) are sure if they want it or not. Step: 3. is to ignore everything except the topic/ stay on topic; so that you and the Customers are sure you’re on the same page/ not wandering off thoughts, making life easier for both you and the customers.

Step: 4. is to not lie about the product; do not tell the Customers about the product can do something in which it can’t do at all. Step: 5. is to answer the questions of the Customer(s); if you answer the customer’s questions, then you make their search shorter/easier.  Step: 6. (Is the most important) it is to  LISTEN- AGREE- SUGGEST; listen to want they want- agree with what the product could do to make the customer(s) happy- suggest stores that sell the product the customer is looking for, strategies to what the can do with the product, techniques/ ways to use the product.

Step: 7. is to be specific in all what you say/ understand what you say. Step: 8. never end an interview without: (1) an order, (2) a definite answer of “Yes!” or “No!”, otherwise you did not really help your customer (3) An understanding of the Customers wants/ problems. Step: 9. Send a confirmation. Step: 10. Then sell the product (if you have it). And last but not least Step: 11. Close the Sale.