The Middle East

From 1000 BC – 500 AD, the Middle East consisted of Turkey, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabic, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq. The Middle East was ruled by Persia, Alexander the Great, Rome, and Parthia from 1000 BC – 500 AD. The first empire of the Middle East was Persia. The Persians were the ones who started off with the rule of the Middle East.

The second empire of the Middle East was founded by Alexander the Great. In 334 BC, Alexander fought the battle that would make him famous. He was opposed by an army of Persians holding an advantageous position on the steep banks of the river Granicus. Alexander used unfamiliar tactics and the brute strength of the highly disciplined Macedonian phalanx army with their advancing heavy weapons they inflicted a crushing defeat to the Persian army.

The third empire of the Middle East was Parthia. After hearing of the death of Alexander the Great, the Parthian’s took their advantage of being one of the main benefactors. So they marched to Alexander’s empire. When they got there, they immediately succeeded in taking over the middle part of Alexander’s empire.

The forth empire of the Middle East was Rome. The Romans had built huge walls surrounding the Capital City, which had been besieged most of its life, called Constantinople. The Romans had trouble keeping their homeland, so they made allies with many empires. The Romans and their allies tried to made Rome last longer but eventually the Romans and their allies failed to keep the walls of the City of Constantinople from invaders.

The loosing of the huge walls of Constantinople caused the Romans to lose Rome. But the allies that they had made helped the Romans keep Rome for a longer time.

The Middle East had Empires that spoke Roman, Greek, Latin, Arsacid Pahlavi, Pahlawānīg, and many other languages over a span of 1500 years.

After the rule of the Romans, in 500 AD, the Middle East settled down under one empire, and adopted the Islamic Religion. The Islamic religion remains as the main religion of the Middle East. The Middle East had between 14 and 15 different empires that ruled.

The Middle East is now the modern Western Asia, which still consists of all of the countries which the early Middle East had, except Egypt which is now part of Africa.


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