Computer Network Security

Some people think that as long as they have Firewall or some other network security, and even people do not think that a virus, or anything like that can come from a download, installsion, etc. But they were wrong. There is a virus program, that you cannot even access it, called Malware.
It not only can go through Firewall but it also has a lot more than just viruses. It has script viruses, worms, rabbits, etc. These bugs are so powerful, that they can delete anything without the user’s permission, especially on Administer accounts.
Not only PC’s and Mac’s get it, but all Computers from desktops to laptops to any IPhone’s, IPod’s, IPads, Tablets, etc. Even to all Computer Software’s like Widows, Linux, Mac, etc. When you download a harmless game, program, etc. you think that you are perfectly fine. But you are wrong Malware can still get into those.
One of Malware’s Viruses is called Tyrant Horse. What it does is that it seems harmless though any harmless program, but like all the rest of Malware it is very dangerous to all Computers. Not even restarting, or shutting down for any amount of time, it will recover and do its damage when the Computer gains power.


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