The Cat and the Dog

A long time ago, when cats and dogs were consider as house pets. There was a ginger cat with a raccoon like tail, named Simbobway. Simbobway was a very placid, tamed, and pampered pussy cat ever since he was a little kitten. Life was going great for him whenever he stayed in his territory, except when his enemies where around.
Simbobway longed to go exploring outside his territory, without his enemies around. One day Simbobway caught a bird, and then about to started to settle down to his meal that he just caught. Then suddenly he heard a cats hissing.
Simbobway quickly looked around, and then he spotted Old Tailor. Old Tailor was the biggest, meanest, the one with a ton of wounds from fighting and a torn ear, and Scariest out of all the cats in the neighborhood. This cat, Old Tailor, was an enemy to all cats who know him. And any cat who knew her did not want to fight with this bad pussy.
Simbobway hissed a warning at the sneaking Old Tailor. Old Tailor ignored the warning, and then pounced on Simbobway. The cats immediately went into a fight mode, for the satisfying dead bird. A minute later Simbobway ran off to safety, leaving the prize to Old Tailor.
Simbobway was walking one day when he saw Old Tailor jumping down a fence into her territory, with a dead mouse of bird in his jaws. When he saw this, he followed Old Tailor went at a safe distance. Simbobway bolted away when the old cat turned around.
He had spent a week trying to find out where the dogs lived, and sometimes even running away from them. Simbobway knew every were every dog lived in the neighborhood, so he found a safe spot to spy on the dog(s) of each house every day.
Until one day a new dog moved into the neighborhood. Simbobway found this new comer and tried to follow everywhere the dog went and tried to find out where the dog lived, but failed at each attempt.
The dog was a German Shepard, named Ranger. At every attempt to follow Ranger to where he lived, no matter how hard how quiet he was and time of day, the dog would be ending chasing the poor cat away.
Years had gone by since the new comer came. Somehow the new comer figured out exactly where every dog and cat lived, including their time schedule’s for being let outside all without any friends. Whenever Ranger ended up in a dog fight, he somehow knew the neighborhood a lot better than any other animal in the neighborhood.
Some dogs even ganged up on poor Ranger, but he outwitted them always. Ranger even chased all cats, including Old Tailor, who always attacked any and every dog that he saw did not run away from him. so whenever Old Tailor saw Ranger he would attack the poor dog to teach him to pay some respect to biggest, meanest, and Scariest out of all the cats and dogs, but Ranger always got the better of Old Tailor.
One time Simbobway just happened to see one of these occasions. He was also very glad to see it because any and every dog or cat who met Old Tailor ran away, but not this one. So Simbobway tried to make friends with the dog instead of finding where he lived.
But still he failed at each attempt he made. He even tried to give the dog a token of friendship, but still failed. Ranger seemed friendlier to the ones who practically where not friendly to him/ fighting with him.
Then one day Simbobway decided to make friends with the dogs who he knew, but instead he ended getting chased instead. The poor cat tried to jump on higher ground, but he was cut off short. He ran into an ally and tried to jump to safety, but the dogs still chased him onward.
The cat ran and ran, with the dogs in pursuit after him. Poor Simbobway was trapped in a corner at the back of the ally. He meowed for being reused, and hissed out warnings to the other dogs. But nothing good came out of it.
Then suddenly out of nowhere Ranger and Old Tailor came to the rescue. Ranger, although not a friend to any of the dogs, was right besides Simbobway. Ranger was growling and snapping his jaws at the other dogs, forcing them away from Simbobway.
Simbobway suddenly jumped jump because of the catlike hissing noise that came right from behind him. He turned around to see Old Tailor right behind him. He gave a warning hiss at Old Tailor, but as usual she ignored, and then pounced but surprisingly not at the other cat, but at the dogs behind Simbobway.
Old Tailor scared some of the dogs, but not enough to scare them away. Ranger and Old Tailor were in front protecting Simbobway. Simbobway seeing his two enemies protecting him from the other enemies, decided to help his two protecting enemies out.
So he jumped against the wall as high, then pushing off with his legs, and gave the attacking dogs a mighty hiss and then landed on all fours right in between Ranger and Old Tailor. He gave another hiss at the dogs with Old Tailor, busy forcing the attackers to go backward. With the three, they backed off the attackers, enough for all three to escape.
Once the gap between them was big enough, the three defenders bolted away from the attackers. Simbobway, and Old Tailor jumped on the back of the quick thinking Ranger. Once they were out of the ally the two cats jumped off Ranger and ran home, while Ranger sadly walked, once he was away from the attackers, to where he stayed.
That same night Simbobway went to get Old Tailor, to follow him. The two snuck around to find Ranger. They were devastated when they found that Ranger was leaving the town, and that he had no place to stay.
So the two cats went up to him and invited him back into the neighborhood. Ranger looked like as to say “I have nowhere to go, nowhere to live”. Old Tailor even looked the same as Ranger did. Simbobway look like as if he was inventing the two unfortunate animals into his home.
So the three animals went to Simbobway’s place. They reached at Simbobway’s place almost at noon. That is when they rung the door bell, to notify Simbobway’s owners that they were about to have two more pets in the house.
When the house owners, who were Mr. and Mrs. Kadroupledrop, opened the door they were excited to see their cat, Simbobway, had returned home unscratched, but he had a pleading look on his face that told them that he was asking to take his new friends into their home. But when they looked out the door, Ranger and Old Tailor where already slowly, and sadly walking away.
When Simbobway gave them, Ranger and Old Tailor, a sharp welcoming, yes they accept you “Purrrrrrrr meow”. When the two animals heard the welcoming sign, they turned around to see that Simbobway had pleading look on his face, and embracing arms. So the two lonely animals ran to the welcoming arms and the happy Simbobway.
A few years later, Simbobway and Old Tailor had little kittens of their own. And Ranger became the leader of the dog gang. But they welcomed the newcomers instead of going to beat them up.


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