The story of Jack and Jill

One day early in the morning Jack and Jill’s parents sent them to get a bucket of milk, honey and water.

So off they went to the barn to milk the cow to get a bucket of milk.

After they milked the cow Jack tripped over the stool, but luckily Jill had the bucket of milk.

Jack got up and dust himself off, and off they went to the beehives.

They got their equipment on, and then smoked the bees.

After smoking the bees they collected the honey combs from the hive, and then putted the honey combs in a bucket and then took their equipment off, but Jack decided to take off his clothes too close to the hive’s and got stung in the hand.

All thought he got stung he had shrugged it off.

So off they went to the well, which was just on a hill a 16th of a mile from their house.

“Be careful when we go up and then down that hill, Jack. Because thou had tripped over the stool at the barn, and then got stung by a bee at the beehives.” Jill told Jack.

“Well who knows, thou might have the accident this time” replied Jack.

So Jack took his time, while Jill decided to run up the hill.j

After getting the pale of water, Jack warned Jill to not go too fast down the hill.

Jill ignored Jack, and tripped over a large stone, and Jill started to tumble down the hill.

Jack took the too buckets he had, and carefully went down the hill after Jill.

When Jack got to the bottom of the hill, he had found that Jill had bumped the back of her head.

Jack settled his buckets down and helped her to the house, and then he went back to get the buckets that he had left at the bottom of the hill.

Jack had learnt to take his time and be more cautious, and Jill to walk slower and proper downhill and no one got injured on the journeys following.


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