One evening at YM’s summer camp

One Young Men’s I was

At a campfire with all

Or most of our Wards

YM (Young Men), were sitting at a

Campfire having dessert, telling stories

and jokes to each other.

Then one of our YM

Leaders reminded us

That we had something special

to show to everyone on camp.

So we all gathered in our

groups to plan what we

Have to show.

My group had to do

with acting. We had

to trace form into something (with every member in our group.)

So we transformed from a

robot to a tank.

Another group had to with

a song. That group my

oldest brother was in. his

group did a song and

that was “Shouting the Battle Cry of Freedom”.

So they gave us a

piece of paper with the

lyrics of this son, so

that everyone can sing and

be a part of the

camp group.

Another group also did a

Song and that was “12 days of Summer Camp”.

There was about 3 more groups

That I did not mention

And they did a skit

Just like the group that

I was in.

Man did we all have

fun that one evening at YM’s Camp.


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