About Our Sun

In week 4 of my science I have learnt many scientific beliefs and religion beliefs of our universe, well with a making sense twist by adding both scientific and religion beliefs about the universe.


Many people believe that the middle of our Sun (which is a yellow type of star) was formed by a nuclear explosion, and that is called the Big Bang Theory. Scientist are telling you that the middle of the Sun is the hottest part of the Sun; well possibly true. And that Sun spots are hottest part on the surface of the Sun; not true they are a lot cooler than the rest of the surface of the Sun.

The surface of the sun is 5,778 K, and that equals about 5504.85 degrees Celsius. They also say that the Sun has a few more billion years to go before it dies; that is a lie because of the cool sun spots the sun is able to gain energy. If you do not get what I am saying then answer the following: how does a fire get its energy? Well if gets if from wood, paper gas/ anything you put in a fire is called fuel to a fire except a fire’s enemies like water.

The center of a fire is the hottest part of a fire; same is the edge of the fire. But are the holes in a fire hotter than the rest of the fire? No it is cooler. The holes in a fire let in air so that the fire can breathe, without air it can’t breathe. It is the same with the sun; its hole’s let/ brings in its highly long flammable fuel to burn.


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