A Knights Adventure

A long, long time ago in a faraway place in a castle in England there lived a famous knight whose name was Sir Lancelot. Now Sir Lancelot was mostly known for all the noble things he did, and the hardest to defeat. Sir Lancelot practiced hard every day so that he can stay the hardness of mot to be defeated.

Then one day he told his page and squire that he would be gone for a couple of month and that he will be just traveling to the cities and villages on the Isle of Man, to see how they are doing. So he gave his squire and page some chores to do every day he was gone, and that when he came back he would pay them for what they had done in those months. And within a few hours his horse and wagon with some other things were ready for his leave in the morning.

Early the next morning Sir Lancelot had already left on his journey. He arrived at his first city by noon and the city was called Castletown. By the time it was late in the afternoon early evening of the 6th day of his journey, he had arrived at his second place city called Port of Saint Mary.

A month had passed and he had all most checked a 1/2 of the island’s cities, and all the cities and villages were in good condition, so far. By the time 2 months had passed he had checked almost every single city and village, and he had one more place to go and then he will be off to his castle.

His last stop was a village called Peel. This village he already had known that this village had some major problems. He had stayed there for a day longer than the other places. He was about to leave when an old widow who was new to him came up to him and begged Sir Lancelot to go and rescue her daughter, at the middle of the island in a cave, in return for a wonderful red rose and her daughter, “because not many knights came to the village and few took the task but none came back”.

Sir Lancelot gave it a thought and decided that if he is going to be a real knight, then he will go and rescue his female. So off went Sir Lancelot to save this female. He galloped through the plains and through the rocky plains to the middle of the island.

It had already been 4 months since he had left his castle, when he came upon a mountain. Then he had spent the next day climbing it, then another day trying to find a cave. On the third day on his adventure, he found that the cave was dark as night.

So he lit a candle, then he went deeper and deeper in the cave. Then he found a dozen knights sitting around a fire with their armory, weapons, and food not too far from them with a female chained to the wall cleaning all weapons and armor. When Sir Lancelot saw this he took off his armor and placed it aside, and went straight to the knights.

At the sight of Sir Lancelot, the knights sieged him immediately. Then the knights searched him for anything useful, and all that he found was a dagger, a sword, a candle, and a loaf of bread. After finding that Sir Lancelot only had only one weapon with him, they asked him why was he here. He told them that he had brought the bread for the girl, a dagger for something useful, a sword for protection against danger, and a candle to find his way here.

He had talked with the knights until they had fallen asleep, when he took his stuff and went to the girl and unchained her, and then took her and went straight back to Peel. And on his way there he found out that the young lady’s name was Rachel. When he arrived at Peel, he found that the widow was at the gate of the village.

Seeing that Rachel was a very pretty female and knowing her for a few days, and with the permission of the widow, he took Rachel to his castle. And within a months’ time he got married to Rachel.


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