My Chapter In Little Men

     The Trip

“Come on Daisy, or we’ll miss the wagon!” cried out Demi while he ran outside the house to the wagon while Daisy came running down the stairs from the Nursery and after Demi. Anyone who wanted to go to the berry farm had to be in the wagon by the time it was noon, or they stayed with Mrs. Bhear at Plumfield. Daisy just made it before the wagon left to go to the Berry farm.

The wagon was very chatty on the way to the Berry farm. It was about mid-afternoon (12:00 pm) when they had arrived at the Berry farm. When the wagon had stopped everyone had piled out. Then they ran to the berries with buckets in hands. Then they immediately started to pick the berries.

Poor Rob’s bucket was getting full as fast as it was getting empty. “Hey Rob if you want more berries faster, there is a big bush over there full of berries, and the best part is that no one is over there picking berries” said Nan pointing to a big bush full of berries a yard or two from where they were standing. “Oky doky” was the delightful replied from Rob.

“Ok, then come and follow me Roby” came the reply from Nan. So off went Nan and little Rob to the big berry bush. They picked the berries for hours until they realized that it was almost night time, and then it was too late because the others had already hours ago left to Plumfield. So they went back to where the others were hours before and waited until they came.

Hours passed and yet no sign of anyone. It was almost dawn when they were found and then taken to Plumfield. By the time it was after supper the next day when all the older boys were awake, the boys asked Nan to tell them the whole story about her alone in the dark in the berry farm. So Nan told the entire story to them.

When that was over, they started to ask anyone who came pass them, if they caught that person, they would ask that person to tell them a story. While they waited, they told stories to each other. Then they caught Mrs. Bhear, and she told them a story from when she as a young girl. Then it was Uncle Fritz, who told them a story from when he was a teenager, and then they almost caught Uncle Teddy who came by and got advised to run away from the boys, if he did not want to tell a story, he had to get away from the boys, so he ran away from the boys.

Early the next morning, Nat went up his favorite tree, to play to the fiddle. Birds came and flew all about him singing to the sweet tunes played on the fiddle. Then came Daisy skipping with a weaved picnic basket to put wild yellow daisies in.

Then she heard some birds singing and the beautiful tunes on the fiddle. She followed the music to Nat’s favorite tree, busy playing the fiddle with the birds singing all about him. She loves Nat’s playing so much that she went and sat down where the wild daisies where, and listening to the beautiful tunes being played on the violin.

She was listening and picking the wild daisies peacefully, when she heard the bell for breakfast. “Nat time for breakfast” told Daisy to Nat who was still in the tree. So off went Daisy with her weaved picnic basket and Nat with the fiddle into the house and straight to the dining room.

They all took their seats and ate breakfast so peacefully that the only noises where the manners of the children. After the breakfast was done, the children pack in a picnic and off they went to the stream. Some of the boys and Nan decided to make boats out of small logs, and then race them down the stream to see who the winner was.

While Daisy and Goldilocks were picking wild daisies in a field of wild daisies with weaved picnic baskets, about five yards on the other side of the stream. While Nat played the fiddle in a tree, with some of the other boys who were not building racing boats but were in the shade of the tree of which Nat perched, and played, while they talking gently and listened quietly to the beautiful soft and gentle tune being played.

It was mid-day when everyone met at the big boulder, and each helped set up the picnic in the shade. They all sat down and told jokes, pranks which they did days, months, years ago, stories, and many other things. After they picnicked, they packed up and off they went back to the house.

They were all giggling or laughing on the way back to the house. It was a Saturday night and the children were almost completely out of energy from the walk to and from the stream, that by the time it came to the 15 minute pillow fight. They were all almost out of energy to have a pillow fight, but they had their pillow fight despite the low in energy, they had their big Saturday night fun.

After children had their 15 minute pillow fight that after they settled down to sleep not a stir was stirred until morning. Although the children were so tired the night before, they were all, not to hyper the next morning. The children did not get to much hyper not only because they were still somewhat tired but because they knew that it was Sunday.

Instead of walking around Plumfield, they decided to go on a picnic as a whole. So they all got ready for the picnic, and within about 15 minutes, they were all ready to go. All the easy to carry musical instruments like the fiddle were brought with.

The payers of the instruments were only allowed to play the hymns on that pacific instrument. And they stayed at the stream, telling stories, drawing, playing and singing hymns, picking flowers, etc… for the remainder of the day. It was getting dark when they had packed up and left to go to the house. And when they were all settled in bed, all was quiet.


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