How to Stay Safe in Water

If you do not want to drown yourself or anyone then please consider the following.

  1. If you cannot swim then stay in water from waist downwards.
  2. If you can but are not a very good swimmer then stay in water from shoulders downwards.
  3. If you are about to drown then stay calm and lie on your back, or if you cannot float on your back then float on your stomach/ do the starfish float on stomach or back.
  4. If you want to go to waters that you cannot swim in then put a life jacket or arm floats on.
  5. If you don’t want a life jacket, or arm floats on and you do want to go into deeper waters that you cannot swim in, then stay along the edge of the pool, or hold on to something solid and firm to grab on or to hold on.
  6. Do not go into rapids that are too deep, or and too fast to swim in. the only safe deep water to float without any life jacket, arm floats, or anything to grab on, is the Dead Sea.
  7. Do not dive into shallow waters.
  8. Always swim in clear waters.
  9. Always have someone who is a better swimmer than you, nearby.
  10. Make sure that exercise lots if you are going to swim lots or you will or might die of drowning or and because of exhaustion/ always be fit to swim.
  11. Do not stay under water for more than 4 minutes or you will get brain damage or even drown.
  12. Always try to swim safely.
  13. If someone is trying to rescue/ save you, just stay calm and follow their instructions, if it is mute or not, or having something that you know that will give you air.
  14. Follow the rules of the swimming area.
  15. Always listen and obey the older, wiser or and better swimmer.

If you know I missed something or things on the list above, then follow those things, and the ones above, to stay safe in water.


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