Family Stories

Story 1

The Rare Scare (of any cat) (true story)

One dark night in the middle of fall, my family and I were sitting in front of our TV watching Tangled. Here we were sitting and eating popcorn with our dog, Nita, who was lying down between Benjamin and Sarah. Jarom sat between me and the armrest of our big couch which was down stairs in front or TV with our love seat couch at about a 95-120 degree angle from our big couch. My parents, my oldest sister, Rebecca were sitting on the loveseat. Jarom, Ben, Sarah, and I were sitting on the big couch. Jarom and Ben sat on opposite ends of the big couch, with Sarah and me in between the two. I was the one who sat closest to Jarom. A few minutes in the movie, when our small, feisty and tailless cat Nala, who was born with no tail and is about ½ the size of our big and tame cat Simba, came up to get herself comfortable on Rebecca’s lap and slept while we watched about an hour in the movie. We were almost done the movie when I, Jared, saw our, big, hansom, and tamed, pussy cat, Simba, and went “fsk” and sent the poor cat from a walking motion to a jump with an arched cat back, and went an inch or two off the ground but a foot of two forward. About a second later a short burst of laughter came from everyone, then my mom, Colleen, asked “who did that?” the reply was “Me Jared”. Oh what laughs my family and I got just from that one rare scare that I had scared out of our poor, hansom, loud meowing, soft purring, pussycat, and our gentle giant Simba.  It was only that night 2-3 years ago when we laugh at the sight of our male cat jump like that, but now when I type about it it reminds me how funny our cat or pets can really be. About 3 years later one night Simba went to by my bedside, because he wanted attention, then I heard him said in a high pitch voice “why” twice but in like ½ meow ½ human, this was highly unusual for our cat to say something that is not in a meow. if you wanna know how tame and not feisty our male cat is, well he is so tame that you could gently pull his tale, give him a bath, accidentally step (not stomp) on his tail and he will not scratch you unless you are carrying him to an enemy like a dog or another cat he will scratch you while trying to escape. Instead of scratching he will just meow. if you accidentally step on the tip his tail, he will let out a screeching meow and then bolt away, or if you step on the middle his tail he will just meow his loud dramatic meow. Our female feisty cat, is the complete opposite. She is mostly dark brown but has some white fur, and she has no tail, she as a soft meow and loud pur. While Simba has a loud meow, soft pur, has a tail, is mostly white but has light brown fur. All thought we love to see when we scare and play with our cats. Some of the things we laugh at them for what they did and then seem to hate or dislike you like running away when you approach for a day or until you show them that you are sorry. But if they (our cats) are hungry enough , or in a mood for attention we (my family and i) can win their love by giving it to them. Our cats will forgive you no matter what as long as you are sorry and try to make it up to them, if you did something mean and go and apologize and try to make it up to them. (Story typed in 2015, event happened 2012/ 2013)

Nala on top, Simba at the bottom

Story 2


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