Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was born on the 4th of January, 1643, in Woolsthorpe, in England. Isaac Newton was an established physicist, Mathematician, and is credited as one of the greatest scientist ever.

In 1687 he published his most acclaimed work, Philosophy, Natrualis, Principia, and Mathematica. In 1665, the Great Plague that was ravaging Europe had to come to Cambridge, forcing the university, in which he was a student, had to close. It was in that 18 month (1 ½ years) that he had figured out/ invented Calculus, found foundations for his theory of light and color, and gained significant insight into the laws of Planetary motion, or in other words he figured out why the planets go in an oval not a circle and that Jupiter had moon circling it, his discoveries led to the publishing his book Principia in 1687.

In 1669, Newton received his Master of Arts degree before he had turned 27 years old. In June 1669, Barrow shared the uncredited manuscript with British mathematician John Collins. In August1669, Barrow intended its author to Collins as “Mr. Newton… a very young man… but of extraordinary genius…”

In 1668 improved the telescope that helped his study our solar system. In 1678, Newton suffered a severe nervous breakdown. In August 1684, Halley traveled to Cambridge to visit with Newton, who was coming out of his seclusion.

In 1687, the same year that Principia were published, his beloved companion and niece died. Hook refused to retire his job until his death which was in 1703. In 1689 Newton was elected to represent Cambridge in Parliament.

In 1693 Newton fell into another nervous breakdown. In 1696 Newton was able to attain the governmental position he long sought to have. In that same year he moved in with his niece Catherine Barton.

In 1703, in a controversy that had been brewing for several years, German mathematician Gottfried Leibniz publically accused Newton of plagiarizing his research, and that he had invented Calculus several the publication or Principia. In 1712, the Royal Society appointed a committee to investigate the matter. Isaac Newton was the president of the Royal Society.

On the 19th of March, 1727, Newton experienced a severe pain in his abdomen and went unconscious, and never gain conscience and died the next morning.

Those who love to build, upgrade, an invent new electronics, etc… or anything that has to do with math, astronomy/ space, and so on, owes it to Newton for inventing Calculus, improved the telescope, found out why the Sun is the center of the Galaxy (not universe), and even found out Gravity.


Compared and Contrasted Tom, Huck, and Aunt Polly

Tom V.S Hackberry Finn

Contrasted: Tom has a guardian while Huck has non but gets one, Tom has fitting clothes while Huck has oversized clothes, Tom is used to crowds while Huck is not, Tom can read while Huck cannot, Tom lives in a House with Huck lives anywhere he chooses, Tom went to Church while Huck did not, Tom came up with the adventures while Huck gave ideas on equipment, Tom lives with some people while Huck lives with no one, Tom Cheated to get a bible while Huck did not, Tom loves a girl while Huck does not, Tom got engaged while Huck did not, Tom hates to smoke too much while Huck likes to, Tom hates to smoke too often while Huck does, Tom kisses a girl on the lips while Huck does not, Tom went to school while Huck did not but does, Tom is not free to do whatever and whenever he wants while Huck is, Tom does not mind being Public while Huck does, etc…

Hackberry Finn V.S Aunt Polly

Contrasted: Huck is a Boy while Aunt Polly is Girl, Huck wears messy and oversized clothes while Aunt Polly wears a neat and clean dresses, Huck has few worries while Aunt Polly has lots, Huck has one mouth to feed (that’s his) while Aunt Polly has four (including hers), Huck doesn’t have a house while Aunt Polly has one, Huck steels while Aunt Polly does not, Huck smokes while Aunt Polly does not, Husk swears while Aunt Polly does not, Huck is a friend of Tom while Aunt Polly is the guardian of Tom, Huck is rich while Aunt Polly is middle class, Huck has a father after his riches while Aunt Polly has no one after her money, Huck is a genius while Aunt Polly is not, Huck has many adventures while Aunt Polly has few, etc…


 Aunt Polly V.S Tom

Contrasted: Tom is rich while Aunt Polly is middle class, Tom has many adventures while Aunt Polly has few, Tom is friends with Huck while Aunt Polly is not, Tom swears while Aunt Polly does not, Tom sometimes smokes while Aunt Polly does not, Tom plays hooky while Aunt Polly does not, Tom does not sew while Aunt Poll does, Tom loves playing tricks on Aunt Polly while Aunt Polly does not like to, Tom likes to swim while Aunt Polly does not, Tom went missing twice while Aunt Polly did not, Tom told stories of his many adventures while Aunt Polly did not because she had few and boring, Tom caught some kill someone while Aunt Polly did not, Tom loves to explore while Aunt Polly does not, etc…

The History of the Telescope

The telescope was invented by Hans Lippershey, which was only capable of seeing ships about 1-5 hundred yards away. Then Galileo Galilei improved the telescope by making it longer and putting more lenses in. Johannes Hevelius built the Aerial telescope by making it more than 100ft in length and had to use a crane to hold it.

Isaac Newton invented the Reflecting telescope, which only used 1-2 lenses but 2 mirrors, making it more powerful/ see father. William Herschel built a lot bigger version of the reflecting telescope, making the mirrors 49inches in length and the tube 40feet long. The Hale telescope was an even bigger version of the reflecting telescope; it was 200 inches in length.

ESO‘s VLT was a lot, lot bigger than the previous version of the reflecting telescope. This telescope boasts advanced adaptive systems, which counteract the blurring effects of the Earth’s atmosphere. Now we have 4 huge telescopes in Chili that are the most powerful telescopes in history. They are so powerful that they can see galaxies billions of light years away (that is the ESO VLT). And the best thing is that these telescopes are only a couple hundred feet apart and are near each other.

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My Chapter In Little Men

     The Trip

“Come on Daisy, or we’ll miss the wagon!” cried out Demi while he ran outside the house to the wagon while Daisy came running down the stairs from the Nursery and after Demi. Anyone who wanted to go to the berry farm had to be in the wagon by the time it was noon, or they stayed with Mrs. Bhear at Plumfield. Daisy just made it before the wagon left to go to the Berry farm.

The wagon was very chatty on the way to the Berry farm. It was about mid-afternoon (12:00 pm) when they had arrived at the Berry farm. When the wagon had stopped everyone had piled out. Then they ran to the berries with buckets in hands. Then they immediately started to pick the berries.

Poor Rob’s bucket was getting full as fast as it was getting empty. “Hey Rob if you want more berries faster, there is a big bush over there full of berries, and the best part is that no one is over there picking berries” said Nan pointing to a big bush full of berries a yard or two from where they were standing. “Oky doky” was the delightful replied from Rob.

“Ok, then come and follow me Roby” came the reply from Nan. So off went Nan and little Rob to the big berry bush. They picked the berries for hours until they realized that it was almost night time, and then it was too late because the others had already hours ago left to Plumfield. So they went back to where the others were hours before and waited until they came.

Hours passed and yet no sign of anyone. It was almost dawn when they were found and then taken to Plumfield. By the time it was after supper the next day when all the older boys were awake, the boys asked Nan to tell them the whole story about her alone in the dark in the berry farm. So Nan told the entire story to them.

When that was over, they started to ask anyone who came pass them, if they caught that person, they would ask that person to tell them a story. While they waited, they told stories to each other. Then they caught Mrs. Bhear, and she told them a story from when she as a young girl. Then it was Uncle Fritz, who told them a story from when he was a teenager, and then they almost caught Uncle Teddy who came by and got advised to run away from the boys, if he did not want to tell a story, he had to get away from the boys, so he ran away from the boys.

Early the next morning, Nat went up his favorite tree, to play to the fiddle. Birds came and flew all about him singing to the sweet tunes played on the fiddle. Then came Daisy skipping with a weaved picnic basket to put wild yellow daisies in.

Then she heard some birds singing and the beautiful tunes on the fiddle. She followed the music to Nat’s favorite tree, busy playing the fiddle with the birds singing all about him. She loves Nat’s playing so much that she went and sat down where the wild daisies where, and listening to the beautiful tunes being played on the violin.

She was listening and picking the wild daisies peacefully, when she heard the bell for breakfast. “Nat time for breakfast” told Daisy to Nat who was still in the tree. So off went Daisy with her weaved picnic basket and Nat with the fiddle into the house and straight to the dining room.

They all took their seats and ate breakfast so peacefully that the only noises where the manners of the children. After the breakfast was done, the children pack in a picnic and off they went to the stream. Some of the boys and Nan decided to make boats out of small logs, and then race them down the stream to see who the winner was.

While Daisy and Goldilocks were picking wild daisies in a field of wild daisies with weaved picnic baskets, about five yards on the other side of the stream. While Nat played the fiddle in a tree, with some of the other boys who were not building racing boats but were in the shade of the tree of which Nat perched, and played, while they talking gently and listened quietly to the beautiful soft and gentle tune being played.

It was mid-day when everyone met at the big boulder, and each helped set up the picnic in the shade. They all sat down and told jokes, pranks which they did days, months, years ago, stories, and many other things. After they picnicked, they packed up and off they went back to the house.

They were all giggling or laughing on the way back to the house. It was a Saturday night and the children were almost completely out of energy from the walk to and from the stream, that by the time it came to the 15 minute pillow fight. They were all almost out of energy to have a pillow fight, but they had their pillow fight despite the low in energy, they had their big Saturday night fun.

After children had their 15 minute pillow fight that after they settled down to sleep not a stir was stirred until morning. Although the children were so tired the night before, they were all, not to hyper the next morning. The children did not get to much hyper not only because they were still somewhat tired but because they knew that it was Sunday.

Instead of walking around Plumfield, they decided to go on a picnic as a whole. So they all got ready for the picnic, and within about 15 minutes, they were all ready to go. All the easy to carry musical instruments like the fiddle were brought with.

The payers of the instruments were only allowed to play the hymns on that pacific instrument. And they stayed at the stream, telling stories, drawing, playing and singing hymns, picking flowers, etc… for the remainder of the day. It was getting dark when they had packed up and left to go to the house. And when they were all settled in bed, all was quiet.

How to Stay Safe in Water

If you do not want to drown yourself or anyone then please consider the following.

  1. If you cannot swim then stay in water from waist downwards.
  2. If you can but are not a very good swimmer then stay in water from shoulders downwards.
  3. If you are about to drown then stay calm and lie on your back, or if you cannot float on your back then float on your stomach/ do the starfish float on stomach or back.
  4. If you want to go to waters that you cannot swim in then put a life jacket or arm floats on.
  5. If you don’t want a life jacket, or arm floats on and you do want to go into deeper waters that you cannot swim in, then stay along the edge of the pool, or hold on to something solid and firm to grab on or to hold on.
  6. Do not go into rapids that are too deep, or and too fast to swim in. the only safe deep water to float without any life jacket, arm floats, or anything to grab on, is the Dead Sea.
  7. Do not dive into shallow waters.
  8. Always swim in clear waters.
  9. Always have someone who is a better swimmer than you, nearby.
  10. Make sure that exercise lots if you are going to swim lots or you will or might die of drowning or and because of exhaustion/ always be fit to swim.
  11. Do not stay under water for more than 4 minutes or you will get brain damage or even drown.
  12. Always try to swim safely.
  13. If someone is trying to rescue/ save you, just stay calm and follow their instructions, if it is mute or not, or having something that you know that will give you air.
  14. Follow the rules of the swimming area.
  15. Always listen and obey the older, wiser or and better swimmer.

If you know I missed something or things on the list above, then follow those things, and the ones above, to stay safe in water.

Family Stories

Story 1

The Rare Scare (of any cat) (true story)

One dark night in the middle of fall, my family and I were sitting in front of our TV watching Tangled. Here we were sitting and eating popcorn with our dog, Nita, who was lying down between Benjamin and Sarah. Jarom sat between me and the armrest of our big couch which was down stairs in front or TV with our love seat couch at about a 95-120 degree angle from our big couch. My parents, my oldest sister, Rebecca were sitting on the loveseat. Jarom, Ben, Sarah, and I were sitting on the big couch. Jarom and Ben sat on opposite ends of the big couch, with Sarah and me in between the two. I was the one who sat closest to Jarom. A few minutes in the movie, when our small, feisty and tailless cat Nala, who was born with no tail and is about ½ the size of our big and tame cat Simba, came up to get herself comfortable on Rebecca’s lap and slept while we watched about an hour in the movie. We were almost done the movie when I, Jared, saw our, big, hansom, and tamed, pussy cat, Simba, and went “fsk” and sent the poor cat from a walking motion to a jump with an arched cat back, and went an inch or two off the ground but a foot of two forward. About a second later a short burst of laughter came from everyone, then my mom, Colleen, asked “who did that?” the reply was “Me Jared”. Oh what laughs my family and I got just from that one rare scare that I had scared out of our poor, hansom, loud meowing, soft purring, pussycat, and our gentle giant Simba.  It was only that night 2-3 years ago when we laugh at the sight of our male cat jump like that, but now when I type about it it reminds me how funny our cat or pets can really be. About 3 years later one night Simba went to by my bedside, because he wanted attention, then I heard him said in a high pitch voice “why” twice but in like ½ meow ½ human, this was highly unusual for our cat to say something that is not in a meow. if you wanna know how tame and not feisty our male cat is, well he is so tame that you could gently pull his tale, give him a bath, accidentally step (not stomp) on his tail and he will not scratch you unless you are carrying him to an enemy like a dog or another cat he will scratch you while trying to escape. Instead of scratching he will just meow. if you accidentally step on the tip his tail, he will let out a screeching meow and then bolt away, or if you step on the middle his tail he will just meow his loud dramatic meow. Our female feisty cat, is the complete opposite. She is mostly dark brown but has some white fur, and she has no tail, she as a soft meow and loud pur. While Simba has a loud meow, soft pur, has a tail, is mostly white but has light brown fur. All thought we love to see when we scare and play with our cats. Some of the things we laugh at them for what they did and then seem to hate or dislike you like running away when you approach for a day or until you show them that you are sorry. But if they (our cats) are hungry enough , or in a mood for attention we (my family and i) can win their love by giving it to them. Our cats will forgive you no matter what as long as you are sorry and try to make it up to them, if you did something mean and go and apologize and try to make it up to them. (Story typed in 2015, event happened 2012/ 2013)

Nala on top, Simba at the bottom

Story 2