Summery of The Wars of the Roses

The Wars of the Roses is about war between two houses in England, the house of York’s and the house of Lancaster’s, it started in 1439 A.D. The reason why it is called the Wars of the Roses is not only because it is between the hoses of the York’s and Lancaster’s, the war got its name from the flag’s/ symbols of those houses, the York’s a white rose, and the Lancastrian with a red rose. The people who ruled during the Wars of the Roses were; Henry VI, Richard, Edward IV, and Richard III.

Henry VI was the ruler of the Lancastrian’s; Richard was the ruler of the York’s when the Wars of the Roses began. Henry VI was the ruler of England, and Richard wanted the York’s to rule England.

How Richard died in 1460, was he wanted to pay the Lancastrian’s a little visit, but instead he got a very unpleasant welcome. His son Edward III took over the York’s and continued what his farther started. Edward defeated the Lancastrian’s in a large battle, called the Battle of Barnet, and became king of England.

In 1461, in the far north of England, the Lancastrian’s were again in the field. But a favorable moment, Edward sailed from Flushing with 1500 retainers and Burundian mercenaries, and eluding the Lancastrian fleet and the coast defense troops, landed at Ravenspur in Yorkshire in March 1471. At Barnet, on Easter Eve, April 14, 1471, the decisive engagement was fought.

Art Print.or directly bar her road to London, Edward marched into the west on the 24th of April. On the 29th Edward IV was at Cirencester, Margret (Henry VI’s wife), engaged chiefly in recruiting an army, near Bath. A last feeble attempt to renew the war, made by an army gathered to uphold the pretender Lambert Simnel, was crushed by Henry VII (Henry Tudor) at stroke field on the 16th of June 1487.

Henry Tudor defeated Richard III and became the king of England. He probably did not want the Wars of the Roses to continue, so he married Elizabeth who was a monarch of the York’s. He reunited the two houses by making them one.

Henry Tudor’s flag/ symbol were not a red or white rose, the new house’s symbol was a pink rose, which is red and white combined. So as it turned out that the Lancastrians were the rulers before the war and again became the ruler at the end but brought the other up with them for peace.


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