Importance of Clothing and How They Work

Clothing is very important, in all the seasons of the year. Clothing is the most important in winter, depending on the time, place and the condition, the person or people are in. for an example if you are in Egypt then you dress in thin, light, and cool clothes that cover more than 2/3rd’s of your body for most of the day, to prevent you from having a heat stroke; if you are in Antarctica (south pole) or in the Artic (north pole), then you dress in thick, warm, not to heavy, water resistance, type of clothing.

In host climates like desserts, you want to lose the common temperature and gain the cold uncommon temperature, but in very cold climates you want to gain and keep the warmth, and turn the cold into heat. The way how heat transfers is through dead air space. Wool, cotton, down, and silk might be nice warm clothes in -5 to 10 oc with no wind but they are not water resistance. These materials absorb moister, burns easily, but synthetics can be good insulators, water resistant, and melt in heat. These materials are good for SAR work for Firemen, Winter clothing in cold climates, etc…

People in like -20 and below and with a strong wind in cold climates have to dress in about 5 layers; shell, insulator, clothing layer, wicking layer, under clothes.


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