Search and Rescue

Urban Search and rescue (US&R) is an organization that goes and SAR those who are trap in a collapsed buildings. This organization has at least seventy members who do SAR work 24 hours a day for only 10 days in one disaster. They not only SAR but they also rebuild some of the building so that it would not keep collapsing. Instead of all seventy members awake all the time doing SAR work, half do 12 hours and when those 12 hours are up the next half does SAR work for 12 hours.

Air Force Rescue Coordination Center goes and SAR’s not in or on buildings, but in the Mountains, forests, and seas. The AFRCC operates twenty-four seven (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). The center directly ties into the Federal Aviation’s alerting system.

Specialized SAR Team goes and SAR on fishing and game areas. Fish and Game’s Specialized SAR Team is part of the Department’s law Enforcement Division. The team consists of 16 specially trained and skilled Conservation Officers who respond to numerous diverse calls for SAR assistance throughout the state. The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department conducts an average of 145 search and rescue missions annually for victims ranging from hikers, climbers, OHRV operators, children, elderly persons (Alzheimer’s and dementia patients) and subjects of suicide. Fish and Game is assisted in its search and rescue missions by many professional volunteer search and rescue organizations throughout the state. We are greatly appreciative of these considerable efforts.

About 20 million people were saved by the SAR.


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