Viking Culture

The Vikings were a bloodthirsty, war like, and violent type of people. They were violent on seas, and on land that is not theirs. But they are not violent on their land that they own, and they even had a government, leaders they look up to, and their form of society. Viking means “seamen” in Norman.

The Vikings loved war so much that after a few years of settling in the new land they had settled in the land that they won, they went to seek war with other counties. It was aloud that a Viking of any age can carry any their weapons with them wherever they went. Swords, spears, and axes (axes were a Vikings favorite weapon) were the weapons of the Vikings.

Although that Vikings traveled a lot, they had cattle, and al mater of food farms (wheat, rice, etc.) on farms, a horse was their most favorite animal to ride. Some of the famous/ important Vikings get banished from their home place and sent to another Island of theirs, for doing something bad to one of their kind. Those famous/ important Vikings’ either find land they do not have to fight for, or somehow become a great leader, ruler, explorer, etc.

Vikings did not were helmets with horns or wings to planed battle’s or wars, but some wore them (not to battle’s or war) everywhere else. Their shields were a circular shape instead of any other shape. Their ships were the same at the front and the back, so when they need to reverse to turn around, all they need to do is to reverse the rowing.

They built two kinds of ships the first is the long ships; and the second is the knars. The long ships are built for speed and can sail in water that is 1meter deep. These longships are used for war and can carry cargo. The knars are mainly built for caring cargo; they look the same as the longships, but are shorter, deeper, and wider.

Both of these ships were either wind or and row powered. The Vikings had put their shields over the side of the ship for protection from their enemies. It is said that the wife of Viking holds a key to every door to the house, and if her husband takes that key away she has the right to take her portion of the land and money (including her clothes and her possessions) property and can divorce him right there.

The Vikings were Normans; destroying villages, slaughtering the bishops on the altars, etc. of the Saxons, French, etc. the Norman were defeated once by the Saxon then they defeated them the other time with help from other countries. Vikings collected coins, tools, weapons, etc. from other countries after a defeat.

Coins from other countries were valued more than their coins of the same value. Some Vikings were buried with some of their possessions. Some of the Vikings burial place was marked by a rune stone. Scientists had found Viking ships in the sea, tools buried with some of the Vikings, weapons, etc. The females were the ones who kept the house clean and took care of the children, while the males were the ones who fought wars, worked for money, etc.

The Vikings loved to travel on the water not on land. They traveled to get more land so they can spread.


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