Two Items I Would Want For Survival.

The two tools or gadgets that I’ll want for survival are: a Boot Bowie, with half saw or half serrated foot long blade that is heavier than the handle and a foot long handled and double headed tomahawk with a sharpening stone in the handle. With the foot long bladed knife, I’ll use it for skinning, killing by throwing or stabbing, defense, sawing wood, etc… With the tomahawk that has a foot long I’ll use it for killing by throwing, chopping wood, defense, etc… If I did not had any food to eat and there were animals nearby, I could take my knife or and tomahawk I could throw one of them and if one of them fails and I miss, then there is the other weaponry tool to use to kill for food. If I need a fire to keep warm and to cook my food or kill I can go and find some wood and use the tomahawk for chopping or the knife’s serrated end I can saw what I need.

For instance if were on an island that is surrounded with rocks and an island that is a couple miles away and no other island that is leagues away, form that island that I am on or the island that is a couple miles away, on that one island all a alone with couple hundred animals, few hundred trees even some here and there, some hills, a mountain, and a valley or two. And I start to get hungry, and I only have the knife and the tomahawk to help me survive. And if I saw some animals not far from where I had landed on the island. I could take my knife or tomahawk and throw it at the animals, and if one of them died from me killing it, I could use my knife to skin it, and even probably keep the skin of the animal.

If I started to get tired and there was a cave nearby, I could rest in the cave until the morning, if it was not raining, I could start cutting down some trees to create a shelter or a new home. When one of my tools gets dull, I could take the sharpening stone put some water on it and sharpen the tool that is dull. If ever need some tools that I do not have, I could use the tools that I have to make the tools that I don’t have. And with the skin of the animals that I have killed, I could make extra clothes, some comfortable furniture, pouches for small amounts on powder or liquid, sacs for large amounts of powder or liquid, etc… And if I wanted a bow and some arrows, all I need is a string, rope or vine, a long flexible stick, some small strong sticks, and the tools that I have one me.

If I need a fire to warm me up, I could gather some twigs, sticks, some small logs, and rub one of the sticks against one of the logs until it lights and then build up from there. Then I could roast my meat one a stick so I could have both warmth and cooked meat to eat. Once the fire is burning I could put some rocks in the fire so that the rocks keep some of the heat, if it does not rain, until the morning. I could start the fire easier than the previous time because the rocks kept some of the heat and the charcoal, if it was in a dry place, should also have some heat.

Once I have some food, shelter, and warmth, I could start building a stronger and more comfortable dwelling place. And with the tools I have I could kill and skin more animals for food storage, and if there is some fruit, vegetables, salt, or and even grain I could store up on those. Depending on what gains there are, I could make a grinder to grind some flower to make some bread so that I could have some bread with my stored salted meat, dry fruit, and veggies. If I made a bow and some arrows I could sneak up on the animals and kill them without the throwing of the knife and tomahawk and to reduce the amount of times of sharpening of my two most important and useful tools.


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