The Dangerous Adventure

It started on a clear sunny day in Victoria on Vancouver Island years ago… when a 16 year old boy… named Jarrod Billcilfloperman, He had light blue eyes, was 5 ½ feet tall, light reddish orange hair, was walking from school with his youngest sister, Elizabeth, when they bumped into a young girl about the same age and height, she had hazel eyes, long curly dark blonde hair, and a ½ a head shorter than Jarrod. So Jarrod helped the young girl up to her feet and told her “I’m terribly sorry for that” “Emily Palfliperous” his sister whispered out loud breathless in surprise.

“Do you know this young girl her Elizabeth” Jarrod asked his sister,

“Yes I do.” His sister answered. “Who is this boy Elizabeth” Emily asked Elizabeth hastily.

“He is my brother Jarrod” was the annoyed answer from Elizabeth.

“What makes you surprised to see who you seem to already know Elizabeth?” asked Jarrod.

“Well let’s just say that it is a long story.” Answered Elizabeth

“Which way are you headed Emily” Jarrod asked.

“That way” Emily replied and pointed the direction she was going.

“We are also going that way, shall we walk together, and if it is a yes I shall want to know you better if I can while we are walking.” Asked Jarrod

“Yes we serenely can” answered Emily then Elizabeth.

On their way to Emily’s house, they started to feel a wind starting. Suddenly few minutes later it was cold and dark, the wind howling like a wolf, the leaves were rattling violently on the trees, trees bending with the wind, the leaves starting to fly from the ground like flightless violent birds trying to fly, lighting splintering across the sky, thunder as loud as a hundred thousand loins, and pouring rain, rain drops the size of large buttons, hail the size of golf balls.

The three started to run as fast as they can to a shelter, when they saw the first sign of the hail storm. On their way to a cave nearby a large branch fell on Elizabeth’s legs.

“Someone please help me” Elizabeth cried.

Her brother stopped, turned around and ran to Elizabeth’s aid, and desperately tried to lift the heavy branch of his sister’s legs. After Jarrod got the branch off his sister he picked her up gently in his arms and ran to the cave where Emily was. The three gathered together deeper in the cave and with Elizabeth on the ground with Jarrod by her side, while Emily just stood there in shame. Jarrod felling sad for his sister, he invited Emily to join him in comforting Elizabeth. There they stayed all huddled up, until the next afternoon the next day when the storm was over. When Jarrod and Emily awoke they found that the storm had ended, and the sun was shining brightly, the warmth of the sun was enjoyable, ice from the hail storm all over the place, tree branches lying here and there, but there was still a small, warm and gentle breeze.

“Good morning” Jarrod said to the two girls.

“Good morning to you too” replied Emily in a sleepy voice, and Elizabeth in a lazily, sleepy, and tiered voice.

“Thanks for coming to my aid, and carrying me to safety Jarrod.” Elizabeth said a few minutes later.

“You are my younger sister; it’s my duty to take care of you regardless.” Jarrod replied in a caring voice.

“I love you bro.” Elizabeth said in a loving tone.

“I love you two sis.” Jarrod said in a loving tone back to Elizabeth.

“How are you, Emily?” asked Jarrod.

“I’m fine. Why?” Emily replied.

“Well although Elizabeth and I are siblings and that I’m responsible of her, it does not mean that I do have to be careless for whoever is younger than me that is with me, Emily.” Jarrod reasoned Emily.

“I prefer to be called Em, if you do not mind.” Emily told Jarrod and Elizabeth.

“Well what do you girls say, why won’t just continue our journey back home?” Jarrod said after a few minutes after they woke up.

“Yes” replied both of the girls at the same time.

“Well then let’s go.” Jarrod said after their reply.

So off they went to Emily’s house, through the ice and broken branches. For half an hour they walked through the woods, until they reached the edge of the woods, when they found that some of the cars and houses were damaged by the hail storm. The windows smashed, dents in cars, bumpers off cars, tires popped, ice from the hail in the houses and cars, cars in accidents/ cars smashed into each other, a dead person here and there, some dead or knocked out people in the some of the cars that crashed, etc… And when they saw this they ran to Emily’s house. When they reached her house, and her parents relieved that their daughter was safe, Jarrod and Elizabeth said their good-buy’s then to their house. On their way there Elizabeth said panting “can you please slow done for me?”

So Jarrod stopped, turned around pick up his sister, putted her on his back and ran the rest of the way home. By the time they reached home it was about 2:00pm, and their parents were relieved that their children were safe at home. Three months later the city was back to normal, and Jarrod, Emily and Elizabeth became friends, and their parents met and also became friends and remained as friends ever since.

Two months after that it was Christmas, the Palfliperous and the Billcilfloperman’s traded their presents. Jarrod got a bag of chocolate kisses from Emily, a tub of gummy bears and a hug from Elizabeth, $50 from each of Emily’s parents with a thank you card, and a radio from his parents. Emily got some makeup from Jarrod, a card with $50 from her parents, and a stocking full of mints, peppermints, and spearmints from Jarrod’s and Elizabeth’s parents. Elizabeth got a set of fuzzy socks and a hug from Jarrod, a part of a friendship bracelet from Emily, slippers from Emily’s parents, and a radio from her parents. The fathers from both families got some chocolates, tools, hiking sticks. The mothers got hair clips, hair bands, and some kitchen ware.


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