The Black Death

The Black Death                          2015, 1, 9

The Black Death was a very deadly and painful disease back from the early 1340’s- late 1350’s. This disease was caused by bite of an infected flea, or a disease brown rat. The signs of the Black Death are boils, fevers, chills, diarrhea, vomiting, etc… This disease was so deadly that some people went to bed perfectly healthy and were dead in the morning. Some of the Englishmen believed that it was a punishment from god, and then some went to whip themselves publicly.

Nearly over 20 million, that was 1/3 of England’s population at that time, of these Englishmen died from the plague. The reason why so many died from this plague during the war against France is because that they did not have knowledge of germs and diseases. So the doctors wore a metal mask with a metal beak with herbs inside, dressed in black from head to toe, and they had a stick so that they did not touch the sick people, with their hands but with the stick, who have the Black Death.

Not only were the poor sick people who greatly affected by the Black Death, but so were those who were higher in rank. No person was to go near those who had the disease, not even the doctors. The reason why no one was supposed to be near the sick was because the Black Death was highly contagious, and can spread very easily. After a person got the boils, the boils start to turn black then the blackness spreads.

It would have been harder to spot the black death on black people who were not put away who had there boils already turned black, because if the boils turn black witch camouflages with the black skin color. It was a lot easier to spot the Black Death on the white people because the black spots do not camouflage with the skin color. Although the English had the Black Death kill 1\3 of their population, they still won many battles against the French.

This highly contagious disease started on some of the ships that were sailing from England to France, when some of the people started to get signs of this disease, and some even died about 1/3 – 3/4 of the way there. Some were even sick by the time they were on land and gave the disease to someone else and died not long after they gave it to some others. Some people even got this disease from the dead.

The healthy people kept flowers under their noses so that they did not have to smell death. The nursery rhyme “Ring around a Rosie” is about the Black Death. Some people sing it like this “a ring around the Rosie a top full of posies A-tissue, a-tissue we all fall down.” an some sing the true version “A ring around the Rosie a pocket full of posies ashes, ashes we all fall down.”

“A ring around the Rosie”, is about the plague. “A pocket full of posies”, is about the flowers always under the nose of those who do not want or like the smell of death. “A-tissue, a-tissue” or “ashes, ashes”, is all about the sneezing. “And we all fall down”, is death.


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