Saxons Culture V.S Norman Culture


It seems that there is more famous history about fighting for freedom and making sacrifices for your duty in the Saxon history that in any other country’s history way back in the early 100’s A.D. Although London is in England it also seems that the Saxons almost win every war or kill more people of their enemies, than their enemies kill of them. And although the Saxons were few in number because the country that starts the fight first gets the better of them at first, and at the end they had defeated enemies more than 50 times their size.

Saxons culture:

Some how the Saxons get a real surprise attack that causes the deaths of thousands of Saxons at first but some how they get a great leader and they defeat their enemies with a small number of troops, and at the end they make a peace treaty and they make friends, have inter-marriages, and they become countrymen. So as it turns out that the Saxons turn the hearts of their enemies around and they show them that felling of being peaceful is a lot better than being destructive.

The castles, and ships of the Saxons are some how better, bigger, greater and stronger than of the ones of their enemies. The beards, hair, clothes, armor, weapons, shields, food, ways of eating, diet, and ways of fighting are way different than of their enemies. The monks and nuns are piratically believe in the same ways.

Norman culture:

The Norman lived about the same life style as the Saxons did. Except that they lived in poorer conditions and poorer built buildings. Sooner or later the Saxons, Danes, and the Normans start to live together and probably had the same diet. The Danes and the Norman had great leaders at first and get adopted to the Saxons.

So the Danes Normans do a great service to the Saxons after they did a even greater service before hand. The only reason why the Danes, and Normans spared some Saxon who where a live who did a great service to them is to return that favor and turn out to be friends forever, or until they died.

Last facts:

So at the end of each war against the Saxons, whoever is alive,is saved because of their great service they did to their enemies. It some how turns out that the enemies cant change the heart the Saxons, but the Saxons change the heart their enemies at the end.

The lessons that the Saxon are teaching us are to not fight when there are better things to do than fight, and to stand firm on our ground.


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