Robin Hood Tale

My Robin Hood Tale

It is either that Robin Hood did exist and there is no true tale of him, or that he did not exist at all. And this tale is one of the not completely true tales of Robin Hood told by me.

It all started on a clear sunny day when the king after King Richard ruled, when a boy with brown eyes, short brown hair, stood about 5-6ft tall, was walking through the forest to an archery contest in Nottinghamshire. When the boy named Robin Hood came across some drunken men of the king’s court, where busy drinking beer or ale in the forest of Sherwood on of the men asked Robin “where are you going young lad?” Robin replied “I’m going to the archery contest in Nottinghamshire”.

Then that same person, who asked Robin where he is going, said to Robin “you can’t probably even hit the bull’s eye.” Then Robin challenges them that he could shoot and one of the animals shall fall some thirty paces away where he stood. And that is what happened, where Robin stood he shot and one of the king’s deer fell dead.

“You are a foolish boy, because that was one of the king’s dear” shouted that same person who asked where Robin was going.

Then Robin just turned around and continued on his way when the drunker shot an arrow at Robin and missed, then Robin quickly turned around and returned an arrow witch killed the drunken man who mocked him.

* * *

Years later Robin Hood became a leader of a band of outlaws like Robin Hood himself. It was some years after he became a leader of a band of outlaws when he decided to go for a little walk in the woods when he came across log that was used a bridge to cross a stream when another person also wanted to cross over that same stream on that same log but on the opposite side of Robin.

The stranger said “let me pass for I’m the better man” then Robin replied saying the same thing.

Then Robin said after what his reply to the stranger “let me get a staff and we can fight to see who is the better man.” And that is what they did. It was about an hour or so when the stranger hit Robin into the water. After Robin was back on his feet he blew his horn three times so loud, long, and clear. After those blows the stranger and Robin were surrounded within about a minute or so, by Robin’s band of outlaws.

Then the band asked “what is the matter master”.

“Put a target over there” Robin commanded while he was pointing at a large oak tree some 300ft from where he was standing.

“What is your name? If you do not mind me asking” Robin asked the stranger while the Robin’s band obeyed his command.

“John Little, and yours?” came the answer from the stranger.

“Robin Hood” replied Robin “I challenge you, John Little, to shoot an arrow at that target” Robin said pointing at the target and then handing him a bow and arrow.

John shot and hit the target in the center then Robin shot and had split John’s arrow shot into splinters. “Do you want to join me and my band of outlaws? John Little” Robin asked.

“Yes” replied John Little.

“Then your name shall be Little John, do you all agree men, and do you accept that name John Little?” asked Robin.

Then all, including John Little, answered “Yes” or “Agreed”

“Well from now on John Little is now Little John, and is not only the newest member of the band, but is now my right hand man as well” Robin said.

* * *

A few tears later the Sheriff decided to hold an archery contest held in Nottinghamshire, in order to capture Robin Hood because he tried to use people to hunt Robin Hood for him but instead they join Robin Hood’s band, and who ever won they will receive a golden arrow. The news was spread like wild all over the country of England. Robin Hood asked his band for their advice on if he should go or not to this contest.

At the contest Robin Hood was dressed up as a one eyed beggar, and there were many other people from all over England, both rich and poor, including some of the Sheriffs own yeomen. The Sheriff had one of his men explain the rules and how they are going to do things. After the explanation the contest began.

At the end of the contest the one eyed beggar receives the golden arrow from the Sheriffs owns hands and he, the Sheriff, asked the one eyed beggar his name.

“I’m Alexander-a-London from Dale” came the reply.

The Sheriff was busy having a feast with some of his and the king’s men when all of a sudden they all jumped when they heard a crash. One of the men brought a golden arrow with a message that said something like this:

Thank you for the golden arrow. You have failed to capture me once again.                                                                                                                                                From: Robin Hood

Just from that message the Sheriff grew mad from his second attempt to capture the outlaw Robin Hood.

It was some weeks later Robin lured the sheriff into Sherwood for a feast. After the feast with Robin Hood and his band. At the end of the feasting the sheriff was forced to pay them a hundred pounds in gold. It was about some two years after that feasting with the sheriff when Robin decided to become a butcher for a day.

Robin had sold all the meat on his stand for one penny or a kiss per meat for all the dames and lasses, while the other stands sold there meat for three pennies a peace. Robin’s meat was all sold before the other stands sold all of theirs. Because of how fast Robin Hood sold his meat he was asked to join the sheriff in feasting. There he feasted and the sheriff still did not recognized him, Robin Hood, And it was years later that he shot his last arrow, and did not touch a bow or an arrow till on his death bed when he held his bow for the last time.


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