Robert Bruce

The most famous king of all of Scotland was Robert Bruce. He lived from the reign of Edward I-III. Edward I, II, and III were all kings’ of both England and Scotland. During the reign of Edward I the Scotland King died and thirteen men claimed the throne.

Edward I wanted to rule over Scotland so he raised an army with the French, but the French had refused so Edwards’s army marched into Scotland and took the Pope. Because Edward was determined that Scotland should have no more kings’ that we Scottish. Then he took the crowning/sacred stone on which the Scotland Kings had to sit on in order to be crowned king.

Sometime early in Edward I’s reign of Scotland, a Scottish army was raise against him. The army was led by a knight named William Wallace. The king led an army to defeat this small Scottish army. The Scottish army was defeated and the leader William Wallace barely escaped with his life, and sometime after that he was brutally torn to pieces. His limbs torn off, while he was alive and then hung as a warning to all Scottish citizens.

But cruelly killing someone did not stop them from trying to fight for their freedom. The next two leaders who led an attack against the king were Robert Bruce and John Comyn. After the great victory Robert was privately crowned king of Scotland.

When Edward II became king he gave little attention to the Scottish, and that gave Robert the chance to capture some castles from the king. When King Edward II came back from England he was met at Bannockburn by a Scottish army. Edward II still wanted Scotland, but his son Edward III recognized the independence of Scotland and acknowledge Robert Bruce as their true king.

The Scottish fought for about 2 generations for their freedom, and on the 3 generation they received their freedom because of the good King Edward III.

It is said that when Robert, while hiding from the king, was busy sitting in his hut when he saw a spider try to throw some web to a pole and failed 5 times. Ant that is how many times Robert tried and failed all 5 times. On the 6th throw the spider successes. So Robert learnt a lesson from that spider to never stop trying. And that is what exactly what happened, Robert never stopped trying to free the Scottish.


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