Novels, Novella’s, and Short Stories

  1. Novel:

A novel is a long prose narrative that describes fictional characters and events, usually in the form of a sequential story. Novels are among one of the most popular literature. For example: The 39 Clues, Robin Hood, Twilight, Warriors, etc… even some novels are made up of short stories.

  1. Short stories:

Short stories are like novels except they are a lot shorter. There is no set word length that defines a short story. Short stories are usually 1-5 double sided pages long, and they do not have chapters like novels do. For example: camp stories, scary stories, preschool- 2 maybe 3 graders thin books.

  • Novella:

A novella genially features fewer conflicts than a novel, yet more complicated than a short story. The story is generally longer than a short story, but has a simplified plot line as compared to a novel.

  • Similarities:

All three literatures spoken above all tell a story, no matter how long the story is (some novels share one very long story that one novel is in a series). They also have a plot line, but in some stories it takes a longer time to develop than others.

  • What I like about each of the three literatures mentioned above:


  • What I like about novels is that it will keep me busy, if I am in a good mood to read, for a long time. What I like about short stories is that on camps you can tell some short camp stories. What I like about novella’s is that some short stories people sometimes ask “what happened next?” or and “what did (the name or that person or object) do next?” and you can answer their questions by telling more of the story, or you can answer them by not telling them the rest of the story because you do not know it.
  • Why I like about each of the three literatures mentioned above:
  • If I want to be kept busy and want to read, if there is a long story like, a novel. If I tell a ghost or camp story by a fire just for the fun of it, or if it is my turn to tell one, or and if I want to tell of some of my experiences that I had to whoever I’m telling it to. If I tell a story of some or one of my experiences and get asked some questions I can answer by telling more, if there is any,.
  • Some of the novels that I mentioned above in the novel paragraph I have not read but heard or and seen the book.

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