Marco Polo

Marco Polo was born to a wealthy merchant. At the age of 17 he accompanied his father and uncle on a journey through the holy land, Persia, and Tartary. It took the three travelers three years to reach the empire of china. The emperor of china at that time was Kublai Khan.

The three travelers were warmly welcomed into the palace of the ruler of china. They stayed there for years and became members of the court. Marco, his farther, and his uncle learnt how to speak Chinese when they became members of the court to china.

At the age of 21 Marco was sent on important business to a distant part of china. Finally after some years staying in china, Marco’s farther and uncle decided to return to Venice. Kublai khan did not let them leave his empire at first, but sometime after that, they had to accompany a princess to Persia to be wedded, in order for the Polo’s to leave the Chinese empire.

So the Polo’s accompanied the princess on the two year journey to Persia. They stayed in Persia for another two years. Then they left to go to Venice after they had stayed in Persia for two years. When they had arrived in Venice they had been gone for 24 years, and Marco grew from a teenager to an adult.

Not long after they had settled in, Marco was called to be a captain of a galley. Not long after that Marco was captured and imprisoned. While in prison for two years he told stories of his adventures to his fellow prison mates. His book was published when he got out of prison, and it was translated into many languages all over the world.

Some people who had read his, Marco polo’s, book believe that his stories are true while others believe that he copied or took some other people’s adventures and put it into one book. It is said that the famous America finder, Christopher Columbus, took a copy of Macro polo’s book on his voyage from Spain to America. Some people nicknamed Marco Polo’s book “the Million Lies” because they did not believe that they were true.

It is also said that it was the book from Marco polo that it both encourage and inspired Christopher Columbus to venture another rout that is cheaper to go and get whatever Spain needed or wanted at that time.


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