Knighthood and Chivalry

Knights are one of three fighting men during the Middle Ages: Knights, Foot Soldiers, and Archers. Knights are quite similar to today’s tanks, because they had to multiple layers of armor on during battles, and they could plow through foot soldiers and archers standing that were standing in his way. These knights are usually the wealthiest of the soldiers, and this is for a good reason.

The war horse itself costs about as much as a small aircraft; all the armor, weapon’s and shields were also very expensive. It was very expensive to become a knight; because of their military service to the king they were to afford their amour.

A boy who is a relative to a knight or a member of the aristocracy usually becomes a knight. The boy starts to get trained at the age of eight, as a page. He’ll spend most of his time strengthening his body by, wrestling and riding horses.

He’ll learn how to fight with swords and spears; his training opponent would be a wooden dummy called a quintain. This dummy was a heavy sac or dummy in the shape of a human, and this was hung on a wooden pole with a heavy shield on the opposite end.

He will learn how to read and write, and learn how to speak Latin and French taught by his schoolmaster. The lady of the castle taught him how to sing, dance, and how to behave in the king’s court. At the age of 15 or 16 the boy becomes a squire.

The squire’s duties were to dressing the knight in the morning, serving all of the knight’s meal’s, caring for the knight’s horse, cleaning the knight’s weapons and armor, and following the knight to his tournaments and assist him on the battlefield. When a squire is about 20 year’s old he becomes a knight after proving himself worthy.

A knight wore armor from the top of their heads to the bottom of their feet. Knights have so much armor and weapons, which they depend on their squire to keep, their armor and weapon’s, clean and in good working condition. Some knight’s even put armor on their horses, to protect the horse during battles.

The knights during tournaments they use dull bunted swords and a mace with a blunt small metal fist at the tip of the mace. Tournaments were meant for knights to test who is a better fighter. The armor that a squire had to clean and the knight who wore it, weighted between 40 and 60lb.



Knight’s believed in the code of chivalry. They promised to defend the week, be courteous to all women, be loyal to their king, and serve god at all times. Knights usually came from rich families.

To a knight the week was the noble women and children, and was cruel to common folks. They were expected not to talk too much. The code of chivalry demanded that a knight give mercy to a vanquished enemy.

Although many knights came from rich families, they were not the families’ firstborn. These knights did not receive an inheritance. They instead plundered villages and were like pirates who come to destroy and leave nothing left but ashes, if possible, and take the survivors and make them into slaves.


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