Justinian and Byzantium

Justinian started as a farm boy, but when at the age of 16 he walked to his uncle Justin who was in Constantinople, at the time Justin was the Roman guard leader. His uncle received Justinian, and gave him good education. Justinian was an energetic man who surrounded himself with both males and females.

Justin became the emperor after the previous emperor named Emperor Anastasius, and Justinian became co-emperor before Justin died, and then became emperor after his uncle’s death. Justinian was the greatest ruler of Eastern Rome, and he reigned from 527-565 A.D. The Byzantium controlled Greece, Asia Minor, Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey.

The law that Justinian made was called the Code of Justinian. The first attack on Constantinople was by the Arabs. The Arabs had burnt down most of the city and killed 30,000 people. Justinian had rebuilt the damage the attackers did.

Justinian had expanded Rome until the emperors after him had to retreat because Rome was so big that the military was too thinly spread through the country (ies). The capital city of Rome was Rome until Justinian moved it to Constantinople. Justinian married his mistress Theodora who was 20 years older than him and in a different class than him, in Constantinople

Justinian had executed the Emperor Anastasius nephews because they tried to kill him. After the loss of Italy it cost the empire about 300,000 pounds of gold. After the loss of Africa it cost the empire about 100,000 pounds of gold. It cost the empire about 11,000 pounds of gold. After the eternal peace was broken, and Justinian was forced to pay 5,000 pounds of gold plus 500 pounds more each year.

The Persians agreed to abandon Lazica in exchange for an annual tribute of 400 or 500 pounds of gold to be paid by the Romans. Justinian almost lost his ruling Eastern Rome in the Nika Riots. Justinian got to outlive his wife by 20 years.

Justinian died at the age of 83 in the year of 565 A.D. And the emperor after him was Herlius. Constantinople lasted for 1,000 years after him. Justinian was such a good ruler he became known as “Justinian the Great” and the “emperor who never sleeps” because of the accounts of his work habits. The Byzantium was the “dynasty” in Rome at that time. During the 6 and 7th century the Empire was struck by a series of epidemics eventually devastating the population and contributed decline and a weakening the empire.

Justin II was the son of his sister of Justinian named Vigilantia. Justin II was Justinian’s successor, and refused to pay the large tribute to the Persians after the death of his Uncle Justinian. On the second attack the Arabs, Persians, Burgundy’s, and slaves attacked Constantinople were driven away by Greek fire.

The technique that was used to defend Constantinople is no longer known today; and how Greek fire was created. Rome shrank so much after Justain’s reign it was about a quarter of its usual size about a few centuries later.


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