Imaginary Story

It started on a night much like this one, a few centuries ago. When a young teenager at the age of 14 years old… a boy named John, was busy walking across the camp ground to the restrooms when he crossed a girl, about the same age and height, who he had seen before about a year ago but her name was unknown to him. She had long curly auburn hair about an inch below the shoulders, braces on her bright white teeth, light blue eyes, a beautiful light blue dress and bonnet. She was slightly crouching, because of the pain she just received from a cramp.

John had asked “are you okay?”, and she replied “yes I’m fine”, then John asked “can I be of any help”, to which she simply replied “No. but thanks for offering your help thought but I’ll be fine”. Early the next morning John found that same girl he saw during the night and went up to and asked her “can you please tell me your name?”, “my name is Amy Haffliporis and yours?” she replied then John replied, “ I’m John Wiffloperis”. “So what was the problem you had last night” John asked Amy and she replied, “Oh it was just a cramp I had, and I didn’t want to wake anyone up just because I had a cramp”.

So Amy, John, and their friends talked until breakfast was over and the activities began. It was lunch time when John and Amy sat down to have lunch when one of the teenager girls about Johns age from one of the cabin’s came and offered John a popcorn ball filled with a mixture of small stones and thick mud inside, and soda that, John did not drink, but he turned down the offer. The girl gave him a kiss on the cheek and then he told that girl “I will accept that on the cheek, on the top of the head, or the forehead but not the mouth unless we are married.”

By the time it was five in the afternoon everyone gathered around the camp fires and told camp fire stories, roasted smores, etc.,. It was by mid night when the entire camp was dead quiet except the chirping if the crickets. It was about one in the morning when John and Amy met each other on their way to the restrooms when John found Amy crouching low, so seeing that it was Amy he rusted to her side and asked her “is everything all right” and the reply was, “I’m OK but can you please help me to the restrooms” and John replied, “yes since I’m going there myself.” At the restrooms neither the men’s’ or women’s part of the restrooms was available so the next option was a bush with an outhouse in it.

So the two entered the outhouse and that is where John settles Amy on the seat, and waited while guarded the outhouse door so no one would enter until Amy and he done using it. After that John escorted Amy to her cabin and then went to his own cabin. So by the end of the mouth John gave Amy his address, phone and cellphone number, and his email address and Amy did the same to John. About a year later John had got a job and now was fifteen and Amy about the same. It was now about two years ever since that John and Amy were friends and now was group dating with some of their friends including the girl who gave John that stone and mud mixture whose name was Elizabeth also called Liz for short.

By the age of twenty John had gone on many more single dates with Amy and Liz. John had married at the age of twenty-five to Amy but where still friends with Liz and their other friends who were also married. John and Amy had eight children who were Samuel at the at the age of 15, Joseph at the age of 13, Ellen at the at the age of 12, Eden at the at the age of 9, Jarrod at the at the age of 6, Rebecca at the at the age of 4, and Benjamin and Ruth are twins each at the at the age of 2.

Amy and the husband of Liz died at the age of 80 been not only being grandparents but also great grandparents having up to a total of 20 great grandchildren. John then married Liz and being married for 15 years with three children who are Ned at the age of 14, Sarah at the at the age of 12, Kirsten at the at the age of 11 when Liz died after giving birth to 5 children. So instead of marring again he spent the rest of his life he cared for his children and when he died on his birthday in 1776 being of 100 years old he left Ned at the at the age of 19, Sarah at the at the age of17, and Kristen at the at the age of 16 and each of these children were sent to his one of his three oldest children with each 19 thousand dollars each.

John died having raised 11 children, eight of them being married, 40 grandchildren and 45 great grandchildren.


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