Genre: A genre is the term for many categories of ligature or other forms of art or entertainment, based on some set of stylistic criteria.


  1. Autobiographies: are stories written about someone’s life; for example, turning someone’s journal into a book, taking an ancestor’s story or stories and putting that into a book.
  2. Biographies: are autobiographies but are not novels, they are more like history books like the how the titanic sunk, how it was build, what they found of the remainders of the titanic, etc…


  1. Fantasy: fiction with strange or other worldly settings or characteristics; the book The 39 Clues, etc…
  2. Mythology: Legends; Greek gods, etc…
  3. Fables: narration that demonstrates useful truth.
  4. Science: about future science like future plane that can go the speed of light and it is a passenger plane that has cabins in its wings.
  5. Horror: uses crime, violence, or and fear; horror movies, books and movies about vampires, etc…
  6. Allegory: often uses fictional characters in non-fiction stories; Dragon and the Raven, Wulf the Saxon, etc…
  7. Comedy: is any discourse or work generally intended to be humorous to amuse by including laughter; Hanna Montana, etc…
  8. Satire: should make people laugh before they think; jokes.

Some of my favorite books:

  • The 39 Clues is one of my favorite books because it is a mystery book series about two children who are parentless and the rest of their family is against them: the second series is when they found out that their farther is alive and is a Vesper, and that he captured some of 15 year old Amy and her 12 year old brother Dan’s relatives to get what he wants, who was a family enemy ever since Gideon Cahill : this is a fantasy, not horror but has some violence, and fiction.
  • Dolphin Tale is one of my favorite books because it is based on a true story about a dolphin. This book is about a dolphin that has to lose her tale and use a fake tale for the rest of her life: this is an autobiography novel.


  • Socks is one of my favorite books because it is about a kitten. This book starts at a garage sale, when Socks is in a box, that says 25cents each, with some of his siblings. Sometime during that garage sale Sock gets sold and the story sells the rest: this is a fantasy book.


  • The Incredible Journey is one of my favorite books because it is about a journey of two dogs and a cat. These three animals journey to where there owner goes for a holiday: this book is a fantasy novel.

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