The beginning:
Charlemagne/Charles Martel was born around 742 the son of Bertrade of Loan. Charles was known for capturing Italy, Spain, preventing the Muslims from spreading and capturing what land that they captured (not home land), and for education for both boys and girls in Rome. Before Charles became king of France his farther Pepin ruled as “mayor of the palace”. After his father’s death his mother tried to take over his father’s position, and with her first act of doing so she imprisoned her own son.
He eventually escaped prison, and started to collect donations from the rich people, and eventually became in charge of the military. Then he became “mayor of the palace” and imprisoned those who imprisoned him.
About him and his own family:
Charles had married then got divorced and then remarried and had 9 children but had 18 children all together from multiple wives and mistresses. He had loved his daughters so much that he did not allow them to marry until a day after his death just to make sure. He even encouraged his children’s education.
What he did:
Charles spent the majority of his reign engaged in military campaign. The Muslims where evading France when Charlemagne’s army did great damage to the Muslim army and that is how Charles got his surname Martel (meaning the hammer). He was going to finish off the Muslims, but found that they had escaped cowardly, to their home land.
His army was ambushed by the Muslims, killing everyone including his rearguard and his nephew, who a song was named after him. They found a man of Charles who was part of the ambush and was executed after Charlemagne and his army had returned to France. A few years later he went to the Saxons and declared war against them 18 times in 30 years.
The Saxons were defeated greatly, but they had a choice given to them if whoever did not convert to Christianity or lived a Christianity life would be put to death or if not 4,500 Saxon prisoners will die. So that’s what happened, anyone who did not convert to Christianity or lived a Christianity life got put to death and the 4,500 Saxon prisoners that were chosen died. A few years later Charles was crowed Holy Emperor of Rome by a pope named Pope Louis 2.
Since Charlemagne controlled the biggest territory in Europe, he gave up the gold crown and took the silver crown, and during his reign he united his kingdom under one ruler. He never ever took the title king (in France) after the death of the previous king. After the death of Charlemagne Pope Louis controlled Charlemagne‘s kingdom.
The kingdom after him:
Louis during his last 4 years of his life he fought war against his sons, and after his death his sons fought over the left over kingdom, but only three of the sons/ brothers shared the kingdom, and the kingdom was split into three, Germany, and France.
From then kings died at a young age with a small kingdom, the kingdom that Charlemagne used to control was only united by Pope Louis’s great grandson Charles the Fat. Sadly the reunited kingdom was only united for a short period, and the kingdom declined after the death of Charles the Fat.


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