Alfred the great

Alfred’s elder brother was killed in one of the many great battles that were fought. Alfred was crowned, anointed and chosen king of England. The Danes with a hard struggle finally defeated the Saxons, and took the northern and eastern parts of England. Alfred had decided to meet their foe on the sea, so he had built a ship that was fast, sneaky, and is mighty in battle.

Alfred knew that he was in danger, so he sometimes made a home in caves, huts of shepherds, cowherd, and fishermen, as a beggar for food and shelter, but before and during that time he did not tell anyone who and were he was. He one day asked a cowherd if they have something for him to eat, and the mistress of that hut said to him “you can have some cake after they are baked and once we had our fill if you would make sure that they do not burn.”. So the mistress gave him the job to make sure that the cakes would not burn while she was running an errand.

By the time the mistress came back some of the cakes were burnt or and eaten by the hungry Alfred. Because of the Alfred had burnt and some eaten cakes she drove him out of the house. Not long after that some of his friend’s discovered him there and joined him, and soon after that a body of soldiers came to him and built him a strong fort.

Alfred decided one day to dress up as a wandering minstrel into the camp of the Danes. He was playing some of his own countries music, so wonderfully that he was asked to go to the king’s tent to play there. A few days later he captured the Danes, and said to the king that he would give anyone of the Danes their liberty only if they convert to Christianity.

The Danish king said yes, and he also asked King Alfred if he was the wandering minstrel that played Saxon music on a harp so beautifully. Alfred took out his harp and played one of the songs to the Danish King. From then on wards the Norman’s and Saxon’s had stopped fighting and peace was restored for centuries.


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