About My Model Plane and Bird House Projects

My brother and I one day in the year of 2013 decided to build rubber band power model planes. First we got the kits of the model planes. Second we organized the parts of the model planes. Third we started to fit the pieces.

Fourth we started to assemble the model planes. Fifth we started to put on the outer layer of the plane on. Sixth we put the parts of the model planes together.

Seventh were the finishing touches. This is similar to the many failure crusades, one of these crusades the Christians wanted the city of Edessa, but Damascus caught their attention instead, and that led to the failure of capturing the city of Edessa. This eventually led to me throwing away my model plane and my brother to finishing and somehow broke one day, but he fixed it.

Not long after the failure of the previous project I decided to build a bird house. First my dad and I got all the materials that we did not have and needed to build this bird house. Second we measured and had some people cut out the design of the bird house.

Third we started to assemble the bird house. Fourth we started to put on finishing touches. Fifth we brain stormed on how are we going to set it up and where are we going to do it.

Sixth we started to assemble the post, and put it up. Seventh we got the rest set up one the post in our front yard. I work and had all the materials I needed and used them, my materials did not go mysteriously missing, and I after I used the tools that were available to me, and I put it back where I found it. These steps led to a late settling young couple of house finch of blue bird.

This is similar to the first crusade when the Christians recaptured the city of Jerusalem. In this crusade they successfully defeated their enemies, but this victory was only for a few months, until they decided to make another crusade but this one the holy city of Edessa.

So my not to be complete wooden model plane taught me to put not only my stuff, where I or the person who own the stuff, could find it and it was a complete failure. With my complete and successful bird house I learnt that putting stuff where I could find it, and that I or the person who owns it would not spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, money, and maybe even years in order to be found or to have another one and this project was a success. (Not looking/searching for that long period of time.)

Advice to those who need this message: Those who are reading/were reading /did read this essay if you do not want to spend what would probably seem like forever! Put things were you can remember where you put those things. I mean no offence to those who do/did need this message.


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