A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court Summery

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court Summery

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court starts when Hank lets in a stranger in his house and makes him welcome and comfortable. After the stranger was comfortable he fell asleep and started muttering what is in his journal. Then left after being satisfied what Hank had done he left his journal in Hanks hands to read. So Hank starts reading this yellow with age paged journal whose writing is so faint that Hank could just read the words of the journal.

So in Hanks dream he dreams what he is the main character in the story. So at the beginning of the dream he is in the middle of nowhere when a night named Sir Kay says that since that he found him he is his slave. So if they went to Sir Kay’s king called King Arthur. And there Hank meets a slave to Sir Kay whose name is Clarence.

Then Hank is taken to the king and then is put in jail because he would not agree to be a slave to the Sir Kay. And it was planned that the hanging will on the 21 of June. So Clarence acts as a messenger for Hank. Clarence said to Hank that there is a musician around.

So Hank threatens the king on the day of his hanging if they hang him he will cause the sky to blacken and the sun blocked out, and that is when the eclipse happened. And the king and the people feared Hank that they will set him free and make him 2nd in command in the kingdom. So the eclipse passed and Hank was set free and made 2nd in command.

The people feared Sir Marlin more, so Hank said within a fortnight Sir Marlin’s Roman tower will collapse. So what Hank did is that he put a lot of gun powder in the tower and a lightning rod on top of the tower. And so when the day came they tested Sir Marlin and Hanks powers, and marlin failed and Hank prevailed and Marlins tower came tumbling down to the ground.

So Hank named himself “the Boss” and remained that name for the rest of his life. In court a female named May Le Fay(?) about the age of 18 came and asked “the Boss” if he will go and save her princesses who have been captured and kept in a castle far away. So they went in search of these princesses and with the Boss came May Le Fay (?) and another woman named Sandy.

So when they had found the princesses who turned out to be pigs and decided to take the pigs to where they belong. And on their way back to King Arthur they came across some slaves some old, some young, some old and young couples, some babies, and some other children both young and old. So instead of passing them they bought some of the slaves because they can’t buy all of the slaves.

So on their way back they crossed o holy well that ran out of water a couple of years before, and a musician named Marlin was trying to fix the well. And the Boss ends up fixing the well and acts that is a miracle and brakes the spell that was on the well. The next day they found a musician saying what a another person around the world is doing, then he was challenge to tell the people what he is doing with his right hand, then challenged what king Arthur was doing at the moment, but he fails at both and the next day he was proven wrong the next day and he was killed.

So after that the Boss regained his fame and left, and then left with the king to go and see how the peasants lived. And they came across a hut that had the small-pox in it. Every person in the hut is either dead or almost dead. And it seems that the farther is dead, one of the daughters are dead, the last daughter is half dead, the mother is alive but close to being dead, and the three boys are alive but had either escaped or were free from slavery. Everyone was dead (except the three boys) by midnight, the boys came home after the Boss and the king had left to a dead family.

A few days later they were slaves trying to escape slavery but were almost hanged with other salves. But instead of being hanged they were saved by a famous night called Sir Lancelot. A few days later the Boss defeats about nine nights with a lassoes (not killed), then after defeating Sir Lancelot his lasso was stolen by Sir Marlin then another match began, after defeating Sir Marlin again (kill this time) challenged all the nights in a body and had killed nine nights and the rest ran away.

A few before he married Sandy and had a child named “Hello-Central” and she a few years later fell sic then, for three nights and four day’s she (Hello-Central) got better then after that, fell sic again a few days later and they (the Boss, Sandy, and Hello-Central) were shipped to France. 2-3 weeks later the Boss returned to England to find out the country has been invaded.

So the Boss went to his palace and Clarence had found that he had hidden in his quarters from the war that had taken place when the Boss was gone. So they transported to the Marlin’s cave and had planned a trap to kill who ever came to kill them. He (the Boss) had blown up his schools and mines so that the enemies won’t turn their science against them.

So after the enemies where dead they themselves were trapped in their own trap with over 3 thousand corpse. So who ever escaped the trap should write the tale. The Boss (Hank) died in dream telling his wife (Sandy) and daughter (Hello-Central) that he loves them.


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