China vs Oceania


China has had many dynasties. Like the Qing, Han, Ming, etc. In the Qing dynasty the ruler of china was so cruel that he used all the citizens and salves to build the Great Wall of China (which is the only manmade object that can be seen from outer space).

The ruler at that time was Shi Huangd who was buried, with a terracotta army and some, (lots of boobie traps) like in Egypt who build boobie trapes going to the corps, except not in a pyramid but in a huge tomb underground. In the Zhou dynasty there were two hundred states in china.


People might say that Australia is a continent but it is not because Australia is one of the providence in Oceania. The Easter Island people worship their ancestors but have huge statues of heads (not statues of people’s heads) that its reason why is not known. Some of these heads of the Easter Island heads are in museums.

There are many small islands smaller than Hawaii that are on the, map or globe that are too small to see on a map or globe but, are marked that they are there that are a part of the Oceania continent. On Easter Island is the only place in the world that has Easter Island heads are outside any museums or any shelter and is the island that came up with the design of the Eater island heads.


One thought on “China vs Oceania

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