Dolphin tale plot

The Character Development:

  • Dolphin tale begins with when 11 year old boy named Sawyer and his cousin Kyle Connellan are watching a swimming competition between a student named Donovan Pec and some other students. Then sawyer and Kyle walked to coach Vansky (who is the coach of the swimming team) to chat a little bit when Donovan came after and challenged Kyle to a swimming competition anywhere, anyplace, and at any time. On the same day Sawyer’s and Kyle’s families and friends had a good-bye party for Kyle who is going to war, and the day after early in the morning Kyle left. So Sawyer with a sad and disappointing heart started for school when a guy on the beach who asked Sawyer him does he have a cellphone, and called an animal hospital close by. So after rescuing a dolphin Sawyer was at school and waited for it to end and sped off on his bike to the animal hospital who had rescued the dolphin. There he met a girl his age who he had met at the beach (who helped rescue the dolphin) whose name is Hazel (the eye color). So weeks pasted when Sawyer has not been at school, but instead helping the dolphin named Winter (who Hazel named the dolphin).
  • The Theme:
  • One day when Sawyer came home his mother asked him “how was school?”

And sawyer responded “good” Then the mother exclaimed “that’s funny because Mr. Doyle says you have not been at school for weeks.” Then she smelled a stench from Sawyer then asked “have you been fishing”. The next day Sawyer showed his mother what he was doing instead of school and asked his mother to explain it to his teacher. A day later his mother gave him a swim suit for his new school outfit for because she was amazed what he was doing. So instead of going to school he help take care of Winter. A few days later when Sawyer took some of his beach toys to Winter to play with (when the tailless dolphin can swim) and not only winter but Hazel and himself. When Sawyer came home he saw tears in his aunt and his mother’s eyes and asked “what’s the matter” then his mother replied with tears of sadness and joy “Kyle has been in an ascendant and has lost the use of one of his legs and he is coming home”.

The Authors Style:

  • So Sawyer and his mother Lorraine went to see Kyle but just to find that Kyle didn’t want to see them at the moment. Then Sawyer went to Dr. McCarthy and asked him If he can ask him a weird question then took him to Hazels father whose name was Clay. So instead of Clay doing service for someone it was Dr. McCarthy who asked Clay how he can be of service.
  • The Revolution/End
  • So Dr. McCarthy started to create a tail for Winter. And three times was a tail created and two of them rejected, but the third was put on the celebration day of Winter’s new tail, and the race between Kyle and Donovan. And on that same day the hospital was bought and kept the same.

China vs Oceania


China has had many dynasties. Like the Qing, Han, Ming, etc. In the Qing dynasty the ruler of china was so cruel that he used all the citizens and salves to build the Great Wall of China (which is the only manmade object that can be seen from outer space).

The ruler at that time was Shi Huangd who was buried, with a terracotta army and some, (lots of boobie traps) like in Egypt who build boobie trapes going to the corps, except not in a pyramid but in a huge tomb underground. In the Zhou dynasty there were two hundred states in china.


People might say that Australia is a continent but it is not because Australia is one of the providence in Oceania. The Easter Island people worship their ancestors but have huge statues of heads (not statues of people’s heads) that its reason why is not known. Some of these heads of the Easter Island heads are in museums.

There are many small islands smaller than Hawaii that are on the, map or globe that are too small to see on a map or globe but, are marked that they are there that are a part of the Oceania continent. On Easter Island is the only place in the world that has Easter Island heads are outside any museums or any shelter and is the island that came up with the design of the Eater island heads.